I am a Corporate America Cubicle Buster who made the scary leap to walk away from my (very) well paid Corporate America job in 2012. The weight of missing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, field trips, and timeless milestone moments began to take a toll on me both mentally and physically. 

I found myself slumped over my desk trying to push out my last report of the day when my manager called a cab to drive me to urgent care only to find out I was dehydrated, running a 105 fever, had walking pneumonia, and bronchitis. 

This was the pivotal moment in my life when I ¬†knew¬†I was killing myself working 50-65 hours per week¬†only to make someone else rich. As a child of God, wife and mother of four children I knew I didn’t want THAT to be the scribe left on my tombstone and I knew I had so much more work to do.

I went on a quest to help other aspiring entrepreneurs who were also stuck in their cubicle jail cell create cubicle escape plans and showed them how to turn their passion into a purpose business.

But that wasn’t enough, I noticed both drive¬†and¬†passion¬†were there, but my clients would get stumped¬†when trying to¬†pitch their amazing offer¬†to customers.

The¬†fear¬†of them returning to the “Rat Race” caused me to add another¬†vital business strategy¬†to my existing coaching practice‚Ķ. Closing Clients with Ease.¬†

I knew by adding this new coaching service would help my clients break through their money blocks by overcoming sucky sale talks and showing them how to have simple solution conversations! and so the #LifeAfter9to5 movement continues with #ThinkSolutionsNotSales!

Profession at a glance

Type of coaching: Business Coach, Business Consultant

Niche Specialty:  Helping heart-centered service-based infopreneurs overcome sucky sales talk and show them how to have a simple solution conversation. 

Coaching Style:¬†“No Fluff”, Tell-It-Like-It-Is, Fun-Loving, Personable

OK seriously, I’ve taken this personality test four (4) ¬†times throughout my professional career and ¬†Myers-Briggs has labeled my personality type ENFJ¬† so there must be some validity to it right?!?!

Coaching Delivered: In-person (Metro Milwaukee Area), Phone, Virtually via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, over the phone.

Strengths: Passionate, Giver, Teacher, Detailed, Organized, Results-Driven, Problem-Solver

Motto: Think Solutions Not Sales! Be a blessing to others and you too will be blessed