I needed a place online where I could vent, be vocal, AND build business ventures all in one place without judgement and I couldn't find the business sisterhood trifecta I was looking for soooooo I created one!

You need a place where you can go and be amongst like-minded professionals who just get it! You want to ask those aching questions about your business without any judgements, you want to post your biz shiz on any given day without restrictions to let people know that you have amazing biz shiz happening and we should come check it out! You also need a little dose of business coaching here and there without all of the formalities of hiring a coach just to answer a tensie wensie question aaaaand you like having a daily push of inspiration to help jump start your day!

Well my soon to be lady boss Member,  you can stop joining a ton of Facebook groups that you barely participate in because our group is something short of AMAZING!

When you join our private Lady Boss community you’ll get:

sisterhood of women who supports without question, judgment, nor side eye!

Collaboration of brain power! There’s nothing like getting feedback from people who get what you’re trying to do, can speak your language, and willing to help in any they can!

Heard it here first” announcements about my biz shiz that’s going on

Exclusive beta testers for my products and services before it hits the general public!

Exclusive templates you will not find on my blog site (if you do find on my site I guarantee the group will have access first!)

Yours Truly! – You get me holding you accountable to your goals you set, the tasks you’re trying to complete and business tips to help take the load off of your thinking process!

Recognition not so we can boast about what we are achieving but announcing our successes as inspirations for others in the group!

Sounds like a supportive community you're looking for? Well, you’re just one click away from seeing me “on the other side”!

Join our Private Community!

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