If you loved my 7 Day Email Course and have a burning desire to take your business to the next level BUT dishing out hundreds of dollars for strategies and support is just not in the cards right now …..

My Email coaching program will be PERFECT for you!

Email coachingThis low investment coaching program is perfect for mompreneurs and/or wifepreneurs building a service-based online business and have come to the conclusion that they not only need a business consultant to advise on the best decisions to make for their business but they also need a strategic business coach to support them, hold them accountable, and push them through those times.

This coaching program is also for mompreneurs and wifepreneurs who ….

  • Think better when their thought-process is planned and written out.¬†
  • Gets frustrated with trying to focus on your business because you’re constantly being tugged and pulled by the never ending demands of your spouse and child(ren)
  • Is sick of Googling for answers to build her business and just need “right now” answers to your specific business building needs to take you to the next level
  • Constantly waste time online doing non-money making activities because you don’t know what to focus on first and not sure how to maximize that small window of time to BOSS UP your business
  • Need straight-no-chaser steps to what her next move should be.¬†
  • Feels pressured to build systems & processes of your business model and get stressed by all the “moving parts”

However this email coaching program is not for you if:

  • Slow to response time – the success of your business building process is a 50/50 partnership. With that being said the progression of your learning curve is based on your actions and reactions to your customized Take Action Assignments
  • You’re looking for a “Get-Rich-Quick Method” –¬† All of my coaching programs are designed with the acknowledgment of clients knowing becoming a solopreneur is built in stages over time and not clicks over minutes.

I best serve mompreneurs and wifepreneurs¬†in the online service-based space. This would include creatives, coaches, consultants who are passionate about making a serious transformation in someone’s life or business

What areas will I receive support?

Email coachingBusiness Model Creation/Biz Calendar/Biz Schedule set-up 

You need to make time to make money in your business and you also need to outline your business vision so you can see where you’re going¬†

Content creation/implementation/publishing/promoting 

The only way people will know who you are is if you put your expertise out there for the world to see… strategically of course

Easy to follow Money Maps (Sales Funnels) automatic set ups

Because manual process creation is for the birds!

New Client Set-Up

Includes but not limited to: Attracting/Pitching/Closing/Signing/Set-Up/Follow Up

Seamless Income Stream Strategies

You need to have multiple eggs in multiple baskets

Client Magnetic Online Sales copy 

Because speaking your clients’ language is the only way you will get them to listen!

Oh and did I mention I will also recommend tools to help you accomplish your business model building in which 95% of the tools will be free – because selling a kidney to jumpstart your business is NOT the move!

What are the requirements?

Honesty and Hunger! You must be honest during your assessment meeting so I can design strategies that directly bring solutions to your pain areas. You also need to be hunger for success, your passion and purpose must be on one accord to achieve optimal success in this coaching program

Sounds like you????Great!

Let’s Do This!

This 4 week coaching program comes with:

Email coaching

    • Easy to complete evaluation form
    • 1HR Discovery AND Solution meeting where we will discover what your real stuck area(s) are and create a customize solution strategy(ies) to make your bank account fall in love with you again¬†– even though this is email based, knowing and “Seeing” who my clients are working with! This also gives you a chance to ask any questions or concerns before we dive into creating your money maps!
    • Customized¬†step-by-step “Take Action Now Assignments” sent via email for 4 Weeks
    • Visual/audible aids which include but are not limited to video, templates, audio,and/or worksheets as your digital navigator through your business building process.
    • Access to our private and distraction-free ¬†client group – for on-going support and Q&A if needed
    • Member Access to our private Facebook Community

This email plan works best for Lady Bosses who are virtual learners and need to “see” where to go and how to navigate.


Mompreneurs email coaching programThis plan is great for Lady Bosses who love easy-to-follow content structure!

After the approval of your evaluation form and our meet & greet session, I will begin building out your customized Take Action Now assignments (TAN) based on your business vision, purpose, AND GOALS!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing I will answer your emails within a 24-48 hr timeframe. It is in the client’s best interest to have weekly TAN assignments completed by the end of each week to keep momentum and progress with building her business.



  1. How long is this email coaching program?

This is a 4 Week email coaching program

  1. When does this email coaching program start?

This email coaching program starts on the following Sunday after application has been approved and payment has been received

  1. What if I am not able to complete my assignments each week?

Assignment completion is solely for your benefit and stagnation can hinder the progression of your business building process, however, assignments are subject to roll out for the duration of your plan. It will be in your best interest to catch up quickly to remain on task

  1. Can I request a refund?

Due to the pre, active, and post labor time that is required for each customized coaching plan only pro-rated amount are refunded contingent upon proof that the lessons and strategies provided were ineffective and/or did not resolve your problem.

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